I’m not really a Tree Hugger, but I have been caught hugging a tree from time to time. Everything living has a soul, so why not connect?

Anyway, that’s not what my landlord felt. Sure, trees help keep a healthy planet, shelter wildlife, and sometimes fall on houses. But who was there first? The tree or the house? But that’s another blog.

So when I came home for lunch one day, I found hired tree surgeons cutting down what seemed to be healthy trees for hypothetical safety reasons that could/might/never happen. The trees were large and very alive. Of course I asked, “Why are you cutting down these beautiful trees?” while he supervised the job,

Well, I guess that didn’t ‘cut it’ with him, because he began to rail against me about only being a tenant, having no say about what he does on his property, and they were after all  his trees. Sadly I bid the trees farewell and wished them a more productive next life.

Emotionally upset by how he treated me, not to mention the trees, I couldn’t stay around to watch and left – hoping that when I returned I wouldn’t see his angry face again.

Hours later I returned and was relieved to find both he and the tree surgeons gone. I sat down at my desk to try to write while facing three beautiful windows and a cluster of trees.

Seemingly out of nowhere he stuck his whole face in one window, at ground level I might add. My heart jumped. Was this more confrontation? I wasn’t in the mood nor did I want say what I really felt and possibly get evicted.

“Did you see what happened?” he asked.

Biting my tongue I said nothing.

“Did you see?” He countered.

“What?” I finally asked, trying to remain in the neutral zone. Ah, the benefits of psychic experience.

He lifted his glasses to show me a gash above his eye.

“I had to go to the hospital. Three stitches!”

“How?”  I innocently asked. He surely couldn’t blame me.

“A tree branch. Out of nowhere. Just missed my eye.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I offered, but I inwardly knowing, ‘Hmmm Tree Karma.’







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