So, he wanted to go see the Thunderbird Jets put on an air show at an airport about a 45-minute drive North. He bought tickets early for the yearly event. Really good tickets. He even bought a camera on eBay to take better photos since this was his third time seeing the show. I had gone once. It was thrilling, but didn’t want to go again. He couldn’t get anyone else to go and I felt bad for him, but I strongly felt I shouldn’t go. He was fine. This way he could have more freedom to enjoy what he loved – flying. All good.  Well, not exactly.

I was surprised when he told me he would go later that day, since the Thunderbirds were the last act in the air show. I remembered that, but did not know the timing of it all. He had the tickets. The VIP tickets and VIP parking. He would know best, right?

As he was pulling his car out of the driveway the words ‘This is going to be a fiasco’ were as clear as day in my head. That was all I knew… until he called me about an hour later to tell me the air show had already started before he arrived. He was now on a road to get to the airport that was closed because of… you guessed it… the air show already started. As he was talking to me on his cell, complaining about not getting into the airport to see the Thunderbirds, he started to shout “There they are! They just flew overhead!” I could hear the planes fly by. Now they were flying overhead to get back to the airport but he had nowhere to park or stop to see them perform except catching glimpses of them through his windshield. I heard them swoosh back and forth several times between the sound of his frustrated voice.

So, he got to see the Thunderbirds fly after all, but not in optimum circumstances or conditions, and had no photos to show… Oh, did I tell you he got lost coming home…What a fiasco.


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