So, we’re kayaking on really large, quiet lake on a hot summer day.  Having been there so many times, taking photos of wildlife, this time I secretly wished I would finally see an eagle – since so many people have told me of sitings there for years.  Just once, I wished that day. I’d like to be close enough to a real eagle. I’ve taken photos of  blue herons, ospreys, crows, wrens… even a deer swimming across the lake, but never an eagle.

Paddling along the water under the hot sun, we came across a guy resting in his kayak in one of the few patches of shade.  As we passed and said hello, he started to talk about seeing eagles on the lake a few hours ago. So we pulled our kayak beside his and listened to his stories about all his eagle sightings over the years.

I didn’t want to appear jealous or frustrated, but I really wanted to see just one eagle myself. I heard they were huge and incredible. I’d even settle for one flying in the distance.

As we were talking, or he was still talking, my friend pointed a finger upward and signaled not to make another sound. There, balancing on a limb just a few feet overhead was a huge, magnificent eagle.


He looked down at us as if to say, “Happy now?”  Indeed I was. He remained there for a long time so I could take lots of pictures to remind me that wishes can be heard and come true. Now if I could just have that trip around the world I’ve been wishing for….


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