Jan. 29, 2017




My office is next to a therapist’s. As I passed his open door I saw a client of mine who was going through a rough emotional patch and Lorna, her three – year old daughter that I only saw in a photograph. Lorna was beyond shy. She was angry, actually furious, and rejected any friendly overture I offered. So I excused myself and went into my office to give a Reading.

After my client left Lorna, still angry, and her mother stopped in my open doorway to say goodbye. For no logical reason I asked Lorna if she’d like to see my office.

Without hesitation, the moment she stepped in my office she instantly changed. She happily examined in my office, and finally sat down on the couch, looked at me, smiled and asked, “So how is your day?” I looked at her mother who just shrugged.

After they left, because her emotional change was so abrupt, I asked the therapist if anything happened in his office just prior to Lorna and her mother’s appointment. He off-handedly told me the client before them was a hedge fund trader angry about some things in at work. Out of the mouth of Babes.

Maybe we should all check ourselves at the door…


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