Tiger face.jpgThe Tiger and His Cage©


The Tiger bellowed inside his cage. The sound rattled, but it did not bend or move every thick iron bar around him. Angrily he rose to his feet. His massive paws paced the small enclosure. He sniffed every inch of the cold hard floor, hoping to find an opening to free himself. But the slits between each bar permitted only shafts of light to slice the dark shadows within the Tiger’s cage.

The ferocious Tiger roared. He crouched…and listened. Whispers of silence greeted him. Rearing on muscular haunches he pounced at the bars of his impenetrable prison. The crash of massive flesh against hard steel echoed through every part of his soul. He gathered himself and desperately lunged again, and again until tired and defeated he fell into a gasping heap on the cold, hard floor.

It was then a bird smaller than a Tiger claw softly started to sing. Too weary to move, the Tiger’s eyes followed the tiny fluttering wings overhead. Instantly the Tiger sprang to his feet. With graceful ease he leaped – higher and higher – his body soaring like a beam of light over the topless cage and into the sweeping sky.



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