On this day of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d add a thankful story of inspiration. I know, you probably imagine something profound, well maybe.

The Nyack Homeless Project collects coats, hats, gloves, new socks and toiletries and boxed and canned foods for 8500 people in need, especially children in over 35 programs/places/shelters so they are warm and fed during cold winter months. nyackhp.org

But the story begins…  while collecting boxed and canned foods one year, volunteers inadvertently accepted two fresh turkey donations at a supermarket… may I emphasize FRESH TURKEYS! and no one knew.  The donated storage space was filling with bags of boxed/canned food and warm clothing. It was near the end of the Winter Drive when volunteers began to smell a strange odor. Not exactly strange- more like rancid, sickening, rotting. Hidden somewhere among hundreds of grocery bags waiting to be sorted for direct distribution,were two defrosted turkeys- souls already gone, by the way- smelling their way toward destiny.

The smell became so bad, no one wanted to enter the space. So we found our finest human scent -finder volunteer- we really should lend him to airports -who  wandered the rooms filled with piles of grocery bags disguising what food they held inside. It took him several hunts and smells until he discovered the suspicious turkeys deep in the mix. We gave them a thoughtful burial and then de-fumigated the space so we could have it donated again!

None of the food was contaminated, and all were delivered on time. So on this day of Thanks Giving…be thankful for who you are, what you’ve accomplished, how and who you love… and make a difference… payback is rich.


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