People always ask me,

“What’s it like being a Psychic?”… “Why don’t you just play lotto?…”Because I ‘know’ I won’t win?”… “What am I thinking?“…”Why would I want to !?@## know that?”…“Who will I marry?”… “Wouldn’t a better question be – When will I divorce?” A real answer for “What’s it like being a Psychic” is …“It depends”.

Since I know no other way, being a Psychic seems normal to me. To most people it seems exotic, odd, uncanny, crazy, fill in as many blanks as you wish. Being called Psychic is like having a scarlet “P” around your neck at all times…



I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of bats. Something about them is probably intriguing, but not to me, not in my house- you get my drift?

Anyway, I’m not sure how it got inside, but while I was sitting on the couch one night, I finally noticed something that looked like a frog on my rug. What was a frog doing in my place and on my living room rug? Of course, my ferocious felines in the room didn’t even notice it… until…it spread its wings and took flight. It was a bat! A black winged bat, and it was flying around all the rooms like a low flying drone. Terrified!

I managed to get the cats in a bedroom and closed the door, not knowing if the bat was rabid. Then I realized I was alone with a bat that could be rabid. Not a smart move. It continued to frantically fly around. I didn’t know what to do.  The cats were crying and so was I. If I left that wouldn’t solve my problem. It was late at night so I couldn’t call anyone. I wasn’t about to sit at my computer and Google ‘how to get rid of a bat in your house’. I kept watching where it was so I wouldn’t be too close.

Finally, I did what any terrified resourceful psychic would do. I tried to telepathically communicate with it. I know you’re thinking, bats in my ‘brain’, but here’s how the rest of the evening went: I opened the back door onto the porch and waited until it flew into the living room where I was standing. My heart, of course was in my throat and my backup plan was to run out the door, first.

So I started sending it a message- ‘Go to the door.’ I kept repeating the words as if my life depended on it. Actually, in that moment I thought it did. I envisioned bat teeth piercing my skin and then rabies shots or whatever. I kept sending the message.

Within minutes the bat flew to the corner living room window right next to the open door and settled there. Great. How was I supposed to know that bats are literal? I took a breath, glad to still be breathing and telepathically sent a new message – ‘Go OUT the door’. I kept repeating the message in my mind, hoping the bat would get it. It did get the first one?  Nothing. We were at a standoff. At least it wasn’t flying toward me. Small victories.

I waited. Then the bat opened its wings, left the window and flew once around the living room. I of course ducked into the kitchen, but not before I saw it fly out the open door. I ran to the door and locked it. Like the bat was going to open an unlocked door.  I didn’t want to know if it was flying around the porch in the dark. I let the cats out of the bedroom- they obviously didn’t understand bat language and had no clue why they were in lockdown, but I was too tired to even try to communicate, so I kept all the lights on and went to sleep, knowing there was a very psychic bat out there that was just as happy to be free.



Years ago, I went on a vacation with my boyfriend. It was my first time visiting a Caribbean Island… and I fell in love… with the ocean. So clear, so warm, so gentle.

So, one early evening as we were walking along the beach before going out to dinner, he walked onto one of several stone and sand jetty’s leading out to the ocean. Reaching the end of the jetty he called for me to join him. Something told me not to go. He kept calling me, insisting not to be afraid. It was perfectly safe. But it still didn’t feel right. “Nothing’s going to happen!” He called. “It doesn’t feel right!” I called back. “Don’t be a baby! You won’t get wet!”  He replied.

Just then a huge wave in a normally tranquil bay surged behind him and crashed against him. Needless to say, he was rather quiet when we finally had dinner.



So, I’m standing in line to check out at the grocery store, which is fairly busy. When are they not?  And there’s a year- old girl wailing in her shopping cart seat ahead of me in the long check-out line. Wailing. Her frantic mother tries to bargain with her as if she’s a lawyer at the Hague. Embarrassed, she continues talking to this loud, cranky child who can’t speak and is getting more frustrated by the minute. The young cashiers and surrounding customers are rolling their eyes. Time to step in as the ‘baby whisperer’. I finally catch the attention of the child while her mother is intoning the various mantras she usually uses to calm her down. The child stops wailing for a second and stares back at me with a look that tells me – ‘What is she trying to say? I just want to get out of this cart and run around.” I send the child a telepathic message, knowing just how she feels.  “You’ll get out soon. Have some juice. Tell her you want juice. In the bag. Juice in the bag.” The child immediately quiets and points to the bottle of juice in her mother’s ‘baby bag.’ The grateful mother hands the child the bottle of juice as the cashier continues ringing up customer items.  Any port in the storm.



It was snowing. It was cold. It was pre-Covid. We were parked in a mall parking lot and it was late and on a weekend. Hurrying to the car to get home and get warm, I pressed the battery alarm attached to my key to open the doors. Nothing. Did I mention it was dark?  And no one else was around? I pressed it again and again. And again. Nothing. The battery was dead. At the time we didn’t know after you put the key in the lock and open the door there was a way to turn the obnoxious sounding alarm off.  The nightmare of driving a car in the snow with a loud alarm blaring didn’t seem like great option. But neither did freezing in some mall parking lot as the snow was creeping up to our ankles.

So I did what any normal psychic would do. Rather unconventional. But as they any port in a storm…I took the car door battery in both hands and focused on sending healing energy through my hands to the battery to help open the doors. The other passengers were laughing, mocking, but also hoping this wacky thing would work. I had no idea if it would, since I never tried it before. I kept focusing. They kept freezing and laughing and saying they would chance riding with the alarm blaring. It was getting late. No one had a phone. It was one of those days.

Now was the moment of truth. Well actually not that dramatic. Just a desperate psychic act in a snowstorm. I help my frozen breath and pressed the button to open the door. It worked! We scampered into the car and started the engine. No alarms. All systems go. Including my healing hands system. Maybe I should add it to my resume.



So I Read for a pregnant woman and told her many things, but I also told her about her unborn child. We knew it was a boy and described his personality and how she can nurture him as he grew up.  The Reading finished and I never saw her again.

One afternoon three years later I was in a shop that sold jewelry and clothing on another street far from my office.  While inside, a little boy about two or three entered alone and stopped right in front of me as if he knew me. I looked around the shop and at the open front door thinking his parent would soon follow him.

Minutes passed. There was no sign of any parent at all. I tried to find out his name and where a parent might be to no avail. Finally, I took his hand and led him out the door, hoping to see someone that might be looking for him.

As we walked outside, a woman came rushing down the street toward us, obviously relieved to find him. His mother looked vaguely familiar and became even more familiar when she told me she was that pregnant woman and her son was just as independent and stubborn as I told her he would be. He smiled up at me, still holding my hand as if to remind me we met before.





You can live in the NOW, but if you do not learn from the PAST… the Now will become the FUTURE….

People are frightened, anxious, depressed, angry over everything happening this year. Understandably so. But what if we look back to other times and generations. Did they not go through life feeling the same over what they had to face?  This is not a Kumbaya moment. It is a call for action.

Let’s not compare, but learn. Let’s not be frightened, but seize upon this global moment and grow and change so that we can walk into a future they never dreamed could be. For them. For us. For generations of the Future.


Let me tell a joke

to men who burn crosses with lily white fingers

wearing African gold. 

To bow tie dark faces

That leave capable women

to mother their sons. 

Let me tell a joke

to mothers and fathers who raise raw hand voices

that smother childhood’s dreams;

Lovers who slice bleeding hearts

into pulp meat silence. 

Let me tell a joke

to rich corporate raiders with

movie star contracts

politicians who face the cracked mirrors

of the homeless and poor

that wait by the river. 

The punch line is simple:

What if we’ve lived through past lives

Beyond eyeball movement

traveling the earth 

Were they you? 

We emerge and leave

Equal and whole.




I was asked what the Corona Virus means spiritually.

Regardless of what or how you worship or view more than this physical world…My sense spiritually: This is a time of beginning of purpose – something I’ve been predicting (not the pandemic specifically )a huge global wake up call for us on all levels…physically, spiritually, environmentally, emotionally…For the past few years especially we have seen the upheaval in societies, people’s personal lives, and the blue planet well before this pandemic- and it has been building. By ignoring what is in front of us, this pandemic is a way to stop the mental noise, find nature’s balance, and pay attention- what other way than to have all people do this at once to learn what is important and to have a chance to hit the pause button to take stock of themselves, their lives and where they are going…It is the ‘universal way’ for everyone to Get Woke. Like Spring, it is a time of renewal and growth.







So, we were driving through the Southwest and marveling at its natural beauty when we stopped before a road sign telling us about some type of crater tourist spot. Other cars were headed there and so we started to follow them up a dirt side road. Midway on the road, we suddenly mutually decided not to go. There was actually no reason for going or not going, just a feeling. We ‘thought’ we were tired, too many people might be there, we should probably drive to our rental place before it got dark in case we don’t find it.  All real and logical reasons, so we turned around.

As soon as we drove along a well-traveled road it began to rain and then it started to hail. I mean hail! Golf-ball size hail stones pelted our windshield without stopping. They were so forceful we thought the windshield might crack or break.  We stepped on the gas and fighting to see, drove toward our destination.

We finally safely arrived at our place to stay for the night, ate some food, and went to sleep feeling relieved.

The next day was calm and sunny so we got back in the car and drove through beautiful rock formations for several hours. Around noon we stopped at a small store to buy some snacks and a newspaper. Sitting at a picnic bench in the sun to take a breather, it seemed the hail storm was far behind us. Until we read the headline of the local paper. It seemed a tornado touched down exactly at the sight at the exact time when we decided not to see it. Luckily there were no fatalities, but had we not turned around when we did, we would have been in the middle of the tornado.  Seems like giving up seeing a crater in exchange for a few hail stones was a wise decision.









 Many years ago three friends – myself included – shared dinner in downtown Manhattan. While eating we playfully to each make a wish for the coming year.  Each were long-time dreams.

J wished to open his own hair cutting business. He was working in someone else’s hair salon.

The other J wished to start his private therapy practice. He was working three different jobs just to make ends meet.

I wished to publish a book. Having wanted to be a writer since I was six.

That was it.

We laughed and finished our dinner and vowed to return to have dinner again same time next year to check results and/or make new wishes.

Within that year this is what happened:

J was given the opportunity to open his hair salon, which he ran for many years.

The other J started his practice with only two clients, was finally was able to have his own office, and is still very busy and successful today.

And I sold my first book and went on to sell another book, a story for national TV and hired to write a film.

Not bad for a spontaneous meal!    Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true!